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Emily Ellingwood Portrait

Emily: Designer

I am Emily Ellingwood. I have been sewing since I was a young girl. I cannot remember my very first sewing project. However, I fondly remember as a middle schooler making a dress for my grandmother that she proudly wore to a family member's wedding. She was slightly biased.

I have spent countless hours designing and sewing projects for my family, friends and professional clients. Prior to starting Emily Ellingwood Designs, I was a partner in a professional drapery workroom for many years in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

I strive not only to stay current but also to look ahead to what is coming in the textile industry and how that influences the world of home decor.

Emily: Personal Style

I think of myself as traditional with a twist.  That twist can be anything:  a pop of color; an ethnic touch; a bow; a stripe...something unexpected!  I would say that I am an accessories girl.  Different accessories can change the look of one dress just as different home accessories can change the look of a room.  Shoes are definitely a weakness.

Emily: Interests

I was born with a natural curiosity which has made me analytical, adventurous and at times stupid! I love to figure things out whether it is a sewing project, a new life lesson, why my mind works the way it does or my on going challenge, Photoshop.

Like so many with this natural born curiosity, I love to travel the world and engage with different cultures.  My college major was International Studies with a minor in German.  My daughters and I plan to visit each continent as a life goal.  I still have two to go:  South America and Antarctica.

I love to start my day watching Good Morning America with my husband and daughters if they are home, doing my Bible study and drinking a cup or two of yummy coffee.  But at the end of the day, one of my most favorite things in the world is laughing with family and friends around some yummy food...and a glass or two of wine!